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#8 Left Hand Turnout

Product Manufacturer: Walthers
Manufacturer Model: 948-8805
Store Item Number: WAL948-8805
Quantity In Stock: 4

Code 83 # 8 Left Hand Turnout For Both DC & DCC Operations

  • Now that more and more layouts are using Digital Command Control, we've revised our entire selection of turnouts to make them DCC-Friendly. These new versions feature electrically isolated frogs and points to eliminate polarity problems that may cause short circuits when decoder-equipped locos or cars with metal wheels enter the turnout.
  • These drop-in replacements for existing Walthers Code 83 products come fully assembled with:
  • Pre-wired jumper
  • Isolated frog with built-in connection: an access point allows you to convert to a live frog if desired
  • Powered points with correct polarity
  • Improved point clearance gaps to prevent short circuits from metal wheelsets
  • Insulated tie bar
  • Tab reinforcement to hold points more securely
  • Option to power frog through switch machines

Made In: Japan

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > Track
Scale: HO
Assembly: fully assembled