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DCS remote command control system

Product Manufacturer: MTH Electric Trains®
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Manufacturer Model: 50-1001
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DCS remote command control system (handheld and TIU)

DCS is a system for controlling your entire layout — multiple sound-equipped engines, switches, and accessories — from one or more wireless handheld controllers. DCS is compatible with all M.T.H.® Proto-Sound® 2.0- or 3.0- equipped locomotives. In O gauge, it is also compatible with locomotives equipped with Lionel® TMCC® and Legacy™, as well as conventional AC-powered engines.

The wireless remote handheld allows any operator to access Proto-Sound 2.0 and 3.0, operate multiple units, play vivid engine and station sounds, program layout operations, access switch and accessory control, program remote uncoupling, synchronized puff and chuff, and lighting, as well as a bevy of speed and throttle control options. This set also comes equipped with a TIU or track interface unit. This unit has an assortment of input features allowing the operator to link up to two AC or DC transformers, add additional AC transformers, program new software features, serial interface (RS-232), AUX power, Proto-Cast audio, AIU input, and Proto-Dispatch. The TIU also comes equipped with 4 output channels, one set for constant-voltage DCS command power, and one for conventional DCS command power. Together, the wireless handheld remote and the track interface unit, offer operators simply the best way to run their model railroad.

System Includes: 1 DCS Remote Handheld 1 Track Interface Unit (TIU)

Range: Approximately 50 feet

Optional Equipment (sold separately): Accessory Interface Unit allows remote control of accessories and track switches.

CLICK HERE to download the Operator's Manual.

  • Wireless Remote Handheld
    • MICROPHONE - Broadcast your voice from a locomotive with Proto-Dispatch™
    • SOFTKEYS - Activatelocomotive features
    • MIC - Turns Proto-Dispatch™ on & off
    • TR - Track menu (Access various tracks / blocks on your layout,for conventional AC mode)
    • START UP - Plays engine startup sequence, activates sound, smoke, and lights
    • Programming Port - For attaching tether between remote and TIU for programming new software features
    • SW - Switch menu (turnout control)
    • CPLR-F/CPLR-R Fires front & rear couplers
    • THUMBWHEEL - Throttle & selection (scroll & press) tool DIR - Changes locomotive direction
    • W/H - Blows whistle/horn
    • DIR - Changes locomotive direction
    • DOPPLER - Activates Proto-Doppler™
    • E-STOP - Emergency Stop cuts power to all tracks
    • PFA - Activates Passenger Station/Freight Yard Sounds
    • SHUT DOWN - Plays engine shut down sequence, turns off sound, smoke, and lights
    • START UP - Plays engine startup sequence, activates sound, smoke, and lights
    • B/L - Screen backlight on/off
    • ACC - Accessory menu
    • BELL - Rings bell
    • ENG - Engine menu (to select and control engines)
    • MENU - Access 4 main menus: Sound, Control, System, Advanced
    • LABOR/REV UP OR DRIFT/REV DN Makes an engine sound like it's working harder (labored steam chuff or higher revving diesel) or easier (drifting chuff or lower revving diesel)
    • BOOST/BRAKE Temporarily Raises or Lowers Speed
    • SMOKE - Turns smoke unit on & off
    • VOL+ - Globally increases all sounds
    • VOL - Globally decreases all sounds
    • ENG SND - Silences engine sounds
    • HDLT - Turns headlights on & off
    • PROTOCAST - Activates Proto-Cast™ for playing external music or sound effects through an engine
    • READ - Search for TIUs, AIUs and Proto-Sound® 2.0 or 3.0 engines on the track
  • TIU-Track Interface Unit
    • Proto-Cast (Audio) Connect any audio source using optional mini-to-mini cable (50-1009) and broadcast through engine
    • OUTPUTS • Two channels constantvoltage DCS command power (AC or DC) • Two channels conventional (variable voltage) or DCS command power (AC only)
    • Proto-Dispatch (input for optional auxiliary microphone)
    • AIU Input
    • FIXED INPUTS up to two AC or DC transformers
    • VARIABLE INPUTS up to two additional AC transformers
    • Remote Input for programming new software features
    • Serial Interface (RS-232)
    • Aux Power Input
    • Improved signaling capabilities. The Rev L TIU uses a new communication processor that provides improved signaling on most layouts.
    • Addition of a USB port. The Rev L TIU now can accept a direct USB connection from your PC using a Type A-B USB cable. This type of USB cable is very common and available at most electronics stores like Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. You may also use a standard DB-9 serial cable or a USB-serial adapter.
    • The USB port also powers the TIU’s processor. That means if you want to install new firmware into either the TIU or the remote you don’t have to drag along a power supply. The USB connection from your PC provides the 5 volts necessary to power your TIU’s processor, which is all you need to program the TIU or remote. NOTE – The USB cable connection does NOT provide power to ANY of the TIU’s track outputs.

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