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DCS Track Interface Unit

Product Manufacturer: MTH Electric Trains®
Brand: MTH Electronics & Miscellaneous
Manufacturer Model: 50-1003
Store Item Number: MTH50-1003
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Digital Command System Track Interface Unit (TIU)

  • Proto-Cast (Audio) Connect any audio source using optional mini-to-mini cable (50-1009) and broadcast through engine
    • Two channels constant voltage DCS command power (AC or DC)
    • Two channels conventional (variable voltage) or DCS command power (AC only)
  • Proto-Dispatch (input for optional auxiliary microphone)
  • AIU Input
  • FIXED INPUTS up to two AC or DC transformers
  • VARIABLE INPUTS up to two additional AC transformers
  • Remote Input for programming new software features
  • Serial Interface (RS-232)
  • Aux Power Input
  • Improved signaling capabilities. The Rev L TIU uses a new communication processor that provides improved signaling on most layouts.
  • Addition of a USB port. The Rev L TIU now can accept a direct USB connection from your PC using a Type A-B USB cable. This type of USB cable is very common and available at most electronics stores like Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. You may also use a standard DB-9 serial cable or a USB-serial adapter.
  • The USB port also powers the TIU’s processor. That means if you want to install new firmware into either the TIU or the remote you don’t have to drag along a power supply. The USB connection from your PC provides the 5 volts necessary to power your TIU’s processor, which is all you need to program the TIU or remote. NOTE: The USB cable connection does NOT provide power to ANY of the TIU’s track outputs.

Made In: Thailand

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > model train control
Found In Catalog: 2000 volume 2 Premier
Assembly: fully assembled