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SmartControl Basic DCC Set

Product Manufacturer: Piko
Manufacturer Model: 55040
Store Item Number: PIKO55040
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SmartControl Basic DCC Set

PIKO SmartControl is a great choice for the model railroader looking for a convenient state-of-the-art DCC digital control system. It is fully NMRA-DCC compatible and suitable for all scales from Z through HO. It combines the advantages of Android smartphone technology with the specific requirements of a model train control system. The PIKO SmartControl system can be as simple or as advanced as you want it to be. Here are some of the features...

  • The SmartController® wireless walk-around remote automatically connects via Wi-Fi with the SmartBox® base station.
  • Select and control your trains, switches, and signals by the simple touch of a finger on the high-resolution touch screen.
  • Operation is as easy and intuitive as using your smartphone.
  • Icons show the available features at all times.
  • A large metal dial allows for precise locomotive speed/direction control and “eyes-off” operation. This is far superior to the crude control of dragging your finger across a screen on a mere smartphone app.
  • The speed dial automatically adjusts to the current speed step every time you change locomotives.
  • Just like the locomotives, all your switches and signals can be named. Additionally they can be assigned icons to better distinguish between them.
  • Decoder and system settings can be conveniently configured using the touch screen. Programming decoders with the SmartController is quick, easy and intuitive.
  • Locomotives with RailComPlus® decoders will register automatically and will automatically provide their function key icons to the system. (Locomotives with other DCC decoders will register and can be programmed in under a minute!)
  • Everything you need for the future of digital control... all in one box!
  • DCC modes supported include 14, 28 and 128 speed steps, plus MTS serial... all of these with long and short addresses.
  • Control and store over 16,000 locomotives.
  • Control up to 28 functions per locomotive, with individually as signable functions.
  • Easily consist up to 4 locomotives per consist.
  • Fully NMRA-DCC compatible. Works with all brands of DCC decoders.
  • Ethernet port for connection to a home network for computer interface and software updates.
  • No additional configuration, download or equipment purchase is required.
  • All necessary components and a power supply are included with the system.

PIKO SmartControl... Brilliantly simple—Simply brilliant!

The PIKO #55040 SmartControl Basic Set comes with these items:

  • PIKO SmartController® wireless remote
  • PIKO SmartBox® base station (over 5 Amps capacity with optional larger power supply)
  • Safety-approved 120V power supply (2.25 Amps - plenty of power for most HO and N Scale layouts)
  • Charger and USB cable for SmartController®
  • PIKO lanyard, for keeping the SmartController® with you at all times
  • User's Manual

Want more operators? Easily add more #55041 SmartControllers - up to 32 of them!

Need more power? Just replace the power supply with the #55048 5.3 Amp power supply to give you plenty for an almost club-sized layout!

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Product Type: Model Train > model train control > DCC System