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Lumber Load for 62 foot flatcar

Product Manufacturer: Wheels Of Time
Manufacturer Model: 987001
Store Item Number: WOT987001
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Lumber Load for 62 foot flatcar

  • Interlocking pieces to build a lumber stack. Modular to fit a bulkhead or a plain deck flatcar.
  • Load lumber stacks in brick-like-fashion on flatcar.
  • One Wheels of Time lumber load will work for all makes of HO scale flatcar. It will fill a HO scale 62-ft Wheels of Time bulkhead or plain deck flatcar nicely.
  • One lumber load in a box includes: 14 pcs of 8-ft long stacks, 14 pcs of 12-ft long stacks, 12 pcs of 14-ft long stacks, 12 pcs of 16-ft long stacks, 2 pcs of vertical sticker 2 -bar, 3 pcs of vertical sticker 3-bar.
  • Requires removing part from sprue, assembly, painting and adding banding. Glue, paint and banding are not included.
  • Prototype is based on lumber loads from 1960's to today.
  • The lumber loads are made of ABS plastic - used in plastic injected molds. It will be molded in a brown-yellow color.

What do I need to finish the kit?

  • Flush cutters or Xacto knife
  • Black quilting thread (to simulate the metal straps)
  • Canopy glue for holding the black quilting thread
  • ACC glue
  • Hot melt glue (helpful in holding load to deck on non-Wheels of Time flatcars. Wheels of Time flatcars has a steel substructural and therefore you can insert a small magnet on the deck layer of loads to hold.)
  • Paint
  • Magnet (optional) to hold load on Wheels of Time flatcar in lieu of glue.

A brief background on loading lumber on railroad flatcars - Loading lumber on flatcars and bulkhead flatcars changed in the 1960's from the 1950's. Due to mechanization, forklift trucks, stacks of equal lengths of lumber were piled together, banded and fitted with runners. Each stack or lifts were then loaded on-board the flatcar. Vertical stickers (vertical pieces of wood) were placed at the half-way point on the car to allow the forklift operator to properly load the car. Each lifts were placed in a "brick-like-fashion" and banded together. This allowed more stability during shipment. Interestingly, the loads were not banded or tied to the flatcar itself.

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > Rolling Stock > Freight Car > freight car load
Scale: HO
Assembly: kit