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Variety Pak Tree Trunks

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Variety Pak Tree Trunks

  • Conifer-style trunks fashioned from real wood.
  • Unique tapering, bark detail, color.
  • Internal (core) color is light color. Can be cut!
  • Fir tree trunks 6" to 11"
  • Comes with a sample of Dead Branches, Wood Planting Pins, and instructions.
  • Handcrafted in Oregon, USA.

Used in conjunction with our All New Green Branches, you can quickly and easily produce your very own old-growth trees for spectacular drama.

We actually use two types of wood, as follows:

Cedar-material (Port Orford or White Cedar, to be exact):

  • Softer material permits excellent bark detail.
  • Available in larger diameters like 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 15/16 inches.
  • This is the best material for making what I consider "Old Growth Trees". Big, heavy old trees.
  • All of our Old Growth trunks are made from this "White" Port Orford Cedar.

Bamboo material:

  • The old standby, very durable, costs less.
  • Only in one diameter, 3/16 inch, and slightly narrower on trunks 6 though 8 inches.
  • The harder, narrower material makes it better suited for smaller trees which one might consider to have a "second growth" appearance.
  • All of our Second Growth trunks are fashioned from bamboo.

All packages of Trunks come with realistic-looking "dead branches", which is an intricate desert plant material. You can use hot glue, Super Tacky glue, and/or drill holes in the trunk and add the dead branches for an added effect.

Each packages includes trunks, dead branch material, mounting pins, construction stand, and instructions.

Made in Oregon, USA

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