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Burlington Northern Bicentennial SD40-2 #1876 with DCC & Sound

Product Manufacturer: Athearn
Brand: Ready To Roll
Manufacturer Model: ATH98370
Store Item Number: ATH98370
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Burlington Northern Bicentennial SD40-2 #1876 with DCC & Sound

  • Bicentennial 1876
  • Chicken wire grills
  • No anticlimber
  • Early battery boxes
  • Standard dynamic brakes
  • S-3 horn on cab
  • Firecracker antenna
  • Cab mirrors
  • Prime stratolight beacon; flashes in DCC on RTR sound version
  • 81" nose with early ratchet brake
  • MU stands front and rear
  • Early-style cut levers
  • Early speed recorder
  • Era 1976+
  • Fully assembled and ready-to-run
  • Coupler cut levers with loops
  • Trainline and MU hoses with silver ends
  • "Mushroom" nose vent on right side
  • Separately applied wire grab irons
  • Antiglare panel
  • Standard late Dash-2 4-window cab without louvers or roof seam
  • See through cab windows
  • Sliding cab side windows
  • Welded ECAFB
  • See-through dynamic brake and radiator fans
  • Fine scale handrails
  • Frame mounted bell
  • Detailed 4000 gallon fuel tank
  • Separately applied air tanks
  • Speed recorder attached to appropriate axle per prototype (except undecorated)
  • McHenry scale knuckle spring couplers
  • Highly-detailed, injection molded body
  • Painted and printed for realistic decoration
  • Bi-directional constant lighting so headlight brightness remains consistent
  • All-wheel drive with precision gears for smooth and quiet operation
  • All-wheel electrical pickup
  • 5-pole motor with flywheels and multi-link drive train for trouble-free operation
  • Compatible with ATHG63839 Genesis motor retrofit kit
  • Window packaging for easy viewing
  • Interior plastic blister safely holds the model for convenient storage
  • DCC Ready 8 and 9 pin Quick Plug™ technology
  • Available also with factory installed RTR Sound by Soundtraxx
  • Nickel plated, blackened machined wheels
  • Wheels with RP25 contours operate on Code 55, 70, 75, 80, 83, 100 rail
  • Replacement parts available including motor brushes
  • Minimum radius: 18"
  • Recommended radius: 22"

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > Locomotive > Diesel Locomotive > EMD (Electro-Motive Division) > SD40-2
Scale: HO
Reporting Marks: BN
Burlington Northern
Burlington Northern

Paint Scheme: bicentennial
Assembly: fully assembled