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Southern Pacific green Harriman car 6-pack

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Southern Pacific green Harriman car 6-pack


  • 70' baggage car
  • 70'RPO
  • 60' business car
  • 60' lunch car
  • two 60' coaches

Note: 60' Passenger Cars are Measured from the inside Vestibule. All cars are 70' coupler to coupler. Built to run on 18" radius curved track.

Our HO Plastic Models: Roll smooth as silk. Are light weight for your smaller locomotives to pull. Come with articulating Kadee couplers for close coupling on 18" Radius track or 60" radius track. They are stable and allow your consist to be pulled or pushed without derailing. Moulded clear windows, detailed interiors with partitions, seats, lavatories and tables and chair, painted 2 colors. "Flicker Free" overhead LED lighting. Perfect for putting behind any of your SP Steam or Transition Diesels.

How do these cars stand up to the prototypes? The tool for these 5 different cars are based on the 60' (60-C-5) Coach body and underbody Length (70' coupler to coupler). This means the Coach, Lunch and Business (OBS) cars are exactly to scale length. The Baggage and RPO are made a little short to share this tool. Proportionally they are correct and look great. This was done to keep the tooling cost down and make all of these 5 different cars affordable and accessable to the average modeler. See for yourself below.

One feature we have not advertised is that all these cars come with 2 mounting positions for the trucks. The Baggage and RPO cars come with the trucks mounted in board so they can negotiate 18" radius curves as advertised. But the modeller can move these trucks to the outer mounting position to obtain a more scale appearance using a screwdriver. This may limit the track radius of operation to 30" and up. You will need to trim off some of the plastic mounts for the air hoses and they will touch the wheels on turns with the truck moved outboard.

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Product Type: Model Train > Rolling Stock > Passenger Car > passenger set
Scale: HO
Reporting Marks: SP
Southern Pacific
Southern Pacific

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