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Classic Trains - Winter 2018

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Winter 2018 Classic Trains magazine

  • Canadian Pacific's Rural Gem By Jim Shaughnessy
    Quebec Central featured steam-powered mixed trains in a pastoral setting
  • A Long Trip That Turned Out Longer By John E. Huegel
    Delays were rampant when my family took a trip from Mexico City to Hannibal, Mo., in 1945
  • My Conrail Beginnings By Larry DeYoung
    Remembering the years when the big blue railroad began the transition from federal ward and hopeless basket case to a reinvigorated force for change in freight transportation
  • What's in a Photograph? Family connection at Billings, August 2, 1961 By Jerry A. Pinkepank
    Burlington Route trains for Denver and Lincoln and NP's North Coast Limited meet and exchange passengers, mail, and express
  • California Photo Special
    Steam and diesel on Western Pacific, Great Northern, Union Pacific, Santa Fe, and Southern Pacific
  • Action at Jackson By Ron Flanary
    At last with my own wheels, in 1967 I finally could take in L&N's Elkatawa Hill pusher operation
  • How Many Ways Can You Spell Rock Island? By J. David Ingles
    To get units back on the road, shop employees prioritized function over appearance
  • Pullman's Summer Swan Song By Bob Johnston
    A rookie tour escort had a ringside seat for chartered sleeping cars' final season 50 years ago
  • The Best of Everything: Off-the-Job Training By Chris Burger
    Railfan jaunts contributed to my development as a railroader

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