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21st Century Great Train Layouts 4

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21st Century Great Train Layouts 4

  • This production is a tribute to fathers and sons in the O gauge 3-rail hobby.
  • Kevin Burrow and his Blake have been interested in trains for a long time. As Blake grew older they decided to build an O gauge layout together. Even though they weren't as experienced with O gauge or building layouts, they managed to create an impressive realistic looking, multi-level display where they run five trains at once.
  • Len Hopkins has a collection of vintage Lionel postwar trains and accessories. He built a 26-foot long layout for his son Jason. The trains and accesories are all original. The 746 N&W J, the Santa Fe 2343 Warbonnet F3, 2340 green Pennsylvania GG1, 2331 blue and yellow Virginian FM are seen pulling freight and passenger cars, many of which are rare variations.
  • Many years ago, Art Williams introduced his son Jim to model railroading. Jim is now an electrical engineer, and he returned the favor by helping his Dad create a giant, modern model railroad using MTH's DCS control system. Art's dream layout uses Atlas O gauge track and runs through towns and cities and includes a passenger terminal.
  • Bonus segment: Art demonstrates how he ballasted the track, added simulated water for the rivers, and applied scenery to rural areas.
  • Get inspired, learn new ideas, and enjoy watching all those gorgeous trains roll by.
  • This is the first TM production to feature optional 5.1 surround sound for an enhanced model railroad viewing experience.
  • Run time: 76 minutes

Made In: United States

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Length in Minutes: 65
Age Group: adult