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Time-Saving Techniques For Building Model Railroads

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Time-Saving Techniques For Building Model Railroads

Building a model railroad – especially a room- or basement-sized layout – takes a lot of time. In his new book, Tony Koester shares many invaluable time-saving tricks he’s learned over the decades as an accomplished modeler and author. Topics include:

  • Using LDEs (Layout Design Elements) with staging.
  • Efficient layout construction tips and techniques.
  • Time-effective methods to get a layout built and operating.

Table Of Contents:

  • Introduction - What's the point?
  • Chapter 1 - Goals based on time, space, and budget Finding ways to consume fewer resources
  • Chapter 2 - What to do ahead of time Things to do before layout construction consumes almost all of your spare time
  • Chapter 3 - Looking to the prototype No sense reinventing the wheel
  • Chapter 4 - Shortcuts to layout construction Paper templates, narrow shelves, hand-throws, and lighting
  • Chapter 5 - Doing scenery in layers Progress promotes progress; foam construction; trees vs. forests
  • Chapter 6 - Time-saving structure tips Kitbashing pros and cons; modeling the boondocks; flats; photo walls
  • Chapter 7 - Improving engines and rolling stock The handsome USRA fleet, stand-ins, quick weathering tips
  • Chapter 8 - Tips from the masters So how do they get so much done?

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Publication Date: 2019
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