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Union Pacific Railroad System Employee Timetables Vol 1: 1948 4

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Union Pacific Railroad System Employee Timetables Volume one February 29, 1948

Reprinted by: The Union Pacific Historical Society

This collection of Union Pacific Employee Timetables bound together as a soft cover book, provides an excellent view of the Union Pacific in the post-war era. The Streamliners are now daily and Motor Trains and Mixed Trains are numerous. Local Freights and Time Freights are listed, steam is king but diesels are encroaching. The inclusion of tonnage ratings and other operating details in the in the companion Special Instructions adds more depth to this snapshot of this great transportation system in 1948. A list of frequently used notations gleaned from the Operating Rules are provided to aid the reader.

Includes reproductions of various timetables and special rules for the Union Pacific Railroad Company. Volume one includes Nebraska Division, Wyoming Division, Kansas Division, Idaho Division, Utah Division, Oregon Division, California Division, and the Nebraska Division Bridge Subdivision.

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Union Pacific
Union Pacific

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