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A Century of Model Trains 4

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A Century of Model Trains
Author: Allen Levy.
Publisher: Crescent Books
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Since the inception of railways in the early part of the nineteenth century, model railways - in one form or another - heve endevoured to imitate their development. This book is primarily concerned with illustrating how commercial manufacturers interpreted the changes that occurred during the period 1870-1970, both in the style of contemporary railways and in the social and economic conditions in which they had to sell their products.

This edition includes over 500 illustrations of which 187 are in full color; there is also included - at the end of the book - a comprehensive guide to further reading.

  1. Index of Mabnufacturers
  2. Introduction
  3. An Industry Emerges
  4. The Edwardian Era
  5. The Difficult Middle Years
  6. The Post War Era
  7. A Glimpse of Fine Scale
  8. The Genius of Beeson
  9. Bibliography

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Author(s): Allen Levy
Number of Pages: 208
Publication Date: 1974
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