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Auto-Electric Model Railways 4

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Auto-Electric Model Railways
Author: A. Duncan Stubbs published by Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd

USED Hardcover with Dust Jacket, First Published in 1939, 197 pages

A complete guide to one important branch of what may be an absorbing hobby for the railway-minded reader of any age. Beginning with materials and costs and a discussion of indoor versus outdoor tracks, Mr. Stubbs passes to problems of current and charging, track layouts, choice of control systems, details of remote and automatic controls, and every other item relevant to the assembly and electrification of models. A final chapter deals with the radio control of model boats. Ninety-one working diagrams give every assistance for the home designer of electric control.


  1. The Choice of Railway Gauge and Materials
    space at disposal, cost of layout, indoor versus outdoor, height of the track, permanent way versus removable track, all-level versus raised center rails, overhead power wire, construction of pantograph
  2. The Source of Electrical Energy
    direct current, charging accumulators, A.C. rotary convertors, rectified A.C., A.C. by transformer, magnetic cut-outs
  3. Track Layouts
    high and low levels, single and double tracks, opening sections, opening bridges, turntables, two stations
  4. The Choice of a Control System
    multiple stations, sectional control, telegraphic communication, contrrolled points
  5. Remote Control
    signals, automatic signal-box frame, track break switch, colour light signals, operating magnets, track make switch, block system magnet and switch, non-automatic signal-box frame, insulated all-level points, remote operated points, A.C. loco-reversing switch, automatic coupling, level-crossing gates, tell-tale indicator
  6. Automatic Control
    the block system, automatic points, delayed action switch, automatic time-tables, automatic terminal station
  7. Wiring the Circuit
    lights, housing the wiring, choice of power and lighting wire
  8. The Radio Control of Model Boats
    the transmitter, a Coherer receiver, a valve receiver, motor reversing, rudder control, gunfire, hoisting the flag, anchors, other radio controls

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Author(s): A. Duncan Stubbs
Number of Pages: 197
Publication Date: 1939
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