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Automobile Year Number 6 1958-1959 4

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Automobile Year Number 6 1958-1959
Very Good Condition
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

The most beautiful, complete and exciting automobile book in the world. This latest edition of one of the world's handsomest books has everything you'll want to know about automobiles. Its accurate, thorough, profusely-illustrated features include:

  • All the new special-body and Dream Cars
  • A complete, illustrated catalog of all 1959 Cars of the World with major specifications
  • Summary of the most important technical changes in the Cars and the World wide economic developments in the automobile industry

Only in the new edition of Automobile Year can you read the first comprehensive reports on:

  • The automobile industry in the U.S.S.R.
  • Motor racing in Russia

The new, 230-page Automobile Year also has:

  • A history of Mercedes-Benz
  • Australian car industry and sport today
  • Automobile safety in America and the contribution of the Cornell University Automotive Crash Injury Research Group

For the enthusiast Automobile Year again provides 100 pages on Motor Racing

  • Reports on all Grand Prix and Sports-car World Championship races
  • Two-page color cutaway of Aston Martin DBR 1/300
  • The European Mountain-climbing Championship
  • Famous modifications of current European production cars
  • What makes a true champion? written by a famous Italian journalist who has known them all and watched them race for years
  • An assessment of the 1958 cars and races and the potential repurcussions of the change in the 1961 Grand-Prix Formula

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