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Bliss Toys and Dollhouses 4

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Bliss Toys and Dollhouses
published by Dover Publications, Inc. in association with The Margaret Woobury Strong Museum
89 illustrations, including the complete 1911 catalogue
Paperback 1979

The R. Bliss Manufacturing Company of Pawtucket, Rhode Island was one of the largest producers of lithographed wooden toys in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, the Bliss name is one of the most highky regarded by collectors of antique dollhouses and wooden toys. A Bliss dollhouse in good condition is an antique currently worth several hundred dollars.

This book reproduces the complete 1911 company catalog, one of the most famous, with all 59 illustrations; and presents, for the first time, 30 additional photographs of rare Bliss dollhouses and toys in the collection of the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum in Rochester, New York.

Blair Whitton, Curator of Toys at the Strong Museum, has supplied an introduction on the history of the Bliss Company as well as thorough, detailed captions for the collection photographs.

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Product Type: Book > Softcover Book
Author(s): edited by Blair Whitton
Number of Pages: 36
Publication Date: 1979
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