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Buses, Trolleys and Trams 4

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Buses, Trolleys and Trams ©1967

published by Paul Hamlyn LTD

Author: Chas Dunbar

Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Here is the colorful, fascinating story of road transport from the days of the stage and the long-distance mailcoach to the crowded age of the monorail, the expressway, and buses that go by themselves.

More than 200 photographs and engravings collected from all over the world including 24 pages of color with pictures of buses, trams and streetcars.

  1. Author’s Preface
  2. Quicker Than Walking
  3. The Horse Supreme
  4. Mechanical Marvels
  5. End Of An Era
  6. The Roaring ’Twenties
  7. The Troubled ’Thirties
  8. War — And No Peace
  9. Fighting For Life
  10. The Future And The Past

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Product Type: Book > Hardcover Book
Author(s): Chas. S. Dunbar
Number of Pages: 141
Publication Date: 1967
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