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Cable Car Carnival 4

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Cable Car Carnival
Authors Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg
Autographed by the Authors
published by Grahame Hardy
Hardcover with torn Dust Jacket

The story of the cable car is also, essentially, the story of the great years of America's most individualistic city. The life of San Francisco in the cable car age was the most urbane, the gayest and most opulent in the record of the western continent. Good Americans might go to Paris when they died; they went to San Francisco when they were most alive.

It was the city of the fabulous first Palace Hotel, of the nabobs of Nob Hill, of Wells Fargo, the Poodle Dog café, of Lotta Crabtree, Lucky Baldwin and champagne for Sunday breakfast at the Cliff House. It was a city reeling with the wealth of the Mother Lode and of the Comstock, where millionaires were the merest commonplace and Lily Hitchcock Coit was the mascot of the fire department. It was the city of the old bearded silver kings who brushed their teeth in a light Moselle and teh railroad rajahs who had gold harness fittings for their horses. It was a city that also possessed the best of everything so that even when it burned up in one stupendous holocaust it made “the damndest finest ruins, nothing more and nothing less.”

The cable car was and still is the symbol of San Francisco, its hallmark and panache of free-wheeling individualism. What the gondolas of the Grand Canal are to Venice the California Street cables are to San Francisco, the superlative cosmopolis of the West. This is the story of the golden age, of its cable cars and of the setting of which they were the most characteristic and heart warming property.

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Author(s): Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg
Number of Pages: 130
Publication Date: 1951
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