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Chicago and North Western Power: Modern Steam and Diesel 1900 to 1971 4

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Chicago and North Western Power: Modern Steam and Diesel 1900 to 1971
Author: Patrick C. Dorin
published by Superior Publishing Company
First Edition 1972
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

In the early 1800's Galena, Illinois was a thriving city west of Chicgo but it had a problem, indeed so did Chicago itself. Traffic and communication between the two cities were conducted over a state road which although it was considered by most to be a fine modern highway even possessing planking over some of the swampy places, still had ruts, dust, chuck holes, and on rainy days mud for the wagons to bog down in.

On January 16. 1836 the Illinois legislature recognizing the problem, granted a charter for the construction of a railroad from Chicago to the lead mine area in northwestern Illinois, to a group of promoters who were to name their project the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad.

For the first 12 years the little group had very few “ups” and a great many “downs.” A distress meeting was held in Rockford, Illinois, it took the Chicago delegates two days of arduous travel to negotiate the distance over the old state road, perhaps after all the bumps the hard seats on the chairs around the meeting table strengthened their resolve to build a railroad!

This it was that 12 years after the charter was granted, a little railroad was born. The Galena and Chicago Union Railroad was the parent of the great road that became the Chicago and Northwestern. But let author Dorin tell the story with text and pictures. It is an exciting one, clear down to this very day.

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Author(s): Patrick C. Dorin
Number of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 1972
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