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Classic American Railroad Stations 4

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Classic American Railroad Stations
Author: Julian Cavalier
First Edition 1980
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

This pictorial work presents capable histories of a selected group of forty railroad stations all located in the United States. Many of the stations presented have historicallly realted backgrounds and have been placed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. With respect to their achitecture, importance to the communities in which they exist or had existed, and their significant styles of railroad stationarchitecture, these stations may be considered as classic designs that developed since the evolution of the railway system in America. In most cases, too, the stations presented are unique in their architecture, in comparison with many others found on most railroads that are of standard designs or have variations of standard designs.

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Author(s): Julian Cavalier
Number of Pages: 212
Publication Date: 1980
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