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Electric Handbook for Model Railroads Volume 2 4

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Electric Hnadbook for Model Railroads Volume 2
second edition
Author: Paul Mallery

  1. Wiring
  2. Control Panels
  3. Switch Machines and Special Controls
  4. Relays and Their Circuits
  5. Track Circuits, Singaling and Interlocking
  6. Transistor Throttles
  7. Frequency Control of Locomotives
  8. Advanced Cab Control
  9. Lighting and Sound Effects
  10. Electrified Railroads
  11. Telephones
  12. Trouble Shooting
  13. Radio and Television Interference

Made In: China

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Product Type: Book > Softcover Book
Author(s): Paul Mallery
Number of Pages: 64
Publication Date: 1973
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