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Encyclopedia of Railroads 4

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Encyclopedia of Railroads
Edited by O.S. Nock
published by Galahad Books First Edition 1977
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Fully illustrated with more than 900 color and black and white pictures, including specially commissioned artwork and diagrams.

For the first time in one original and comprehensive volume, all the many varied aspects of the world’s railroads, past and present, have been brought together. Since steam locomotives first pulled trains over iron rails more than 150 years ago, the railroads have changed the whole fabric of society and industry more than almost any other innovation. The whole story — from before the immortal Best Friend of Charleston to the 185 mph supertrains of the near future — is told in this magnificent book.

The technical development of steam, diesel and electric locomotives and the way in which railroads operate are covered in detail with specially commissioned full color diagrams to ensure ready understanding by the layman. The encyclopedia is a major reference work.

The lives of the great pioneers — Matthias W. Baldwin, George Pullman, the Stephensons and many others — are described in the biographies. Comprehensive tables give information including route lengths, gauges, electrifications and first lines, on the railroads of the world. Records for motive power, rolling stock and civil engineering, and a glossary of technical terms are among the other important features of this book.

Railroads hold a great attraction for enthusiast and layman alike and chapters on preservation, films, architecture and the great trains of the past such as the Twentieth Century Limited show the full fascination of the subject.

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Number of Pages: 480
Publication Date: 1977
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