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Frisco Folks: Stories of the Steam Days on the Frisco Road 4

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Frisco Folks: Stories of the Steam Days on the Frisco Road
Author: William E. Bain 1961
published by Sage Books Softcover

Steam days on the railroad have provided perhaps the greatest romance in our feelings for American history. From the country boy who heard the whistle as he lay in his bed at night to the sophisticated poetic language of Thomas Wolfe, the speeding wood burners and coal burners have represented the special spirit of America — the opening of new frontiers, the urge to be going and doing.

William E. Bain has spent years collecting published anecdotes and interviewing old timers of the steam days to present this fine account of those years.

Two special portfolios of pictures accompany the text. The first is of historics Frisco matters, wrecks, old roundhouses and depots, people. The second is a collection of fine photos of the great engines which pulled Frisco iron in the steam period.

Emphasis is always upon the story, the recollections, the anecdotes. But these add up, too, to an informal history of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway from its beginnings in 1849 to the closing days of steam between the two world wars. Frisco Folks is the first book published about this vast rail system spreading from the Midwest into the Southwest and into the deep South.

As the title suggests, attention is always upon the people who made the Frisco in its most romantic era.

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Frisco (St. Louis San Francisco Railway)
Frisco (St. Louis San Francisco Railway)

Author(s): William E. Bain
Number of Pages: 272
Publication Date: 1961
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