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Historic Railroads 4

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Historic Railroads
Author: Rupert Sargent Holland
published by Grosset & Dunlap
Hardcover with No Dust Jacket

  1. England
    1. Coaching Days and Wars
    2. The Steam Railway
    3. Development of Railways
    4. The Midland Railway
    5. The Battle of the Gauges
    6. Some Great Roads
  2. North America
    1. Travel in the Colonies
    2. The Needs of the New Republic
    3. The “Stourbridge Lion” and “Tom Thumb”
    4. The “DeWitt Clinton” and “Old Ironsides”
    5. Pioneer Railroad Travel in the East
    6. Across the Alleghanies
    7. The Linking of the Continent
    8. Great Railroads of the West
    9. An Adventure of the Civil War
    10. The Transcontinental Road of Canada
    11. Travel in Canada
    12. Strange Experiences
    13. Unique Achievements
    14. Trains and Tracks
  3. South America
    1. Over the Andes
    2. A Railway in the Air
  4. Europe
    1. Through the Snows of Scandinavia
    2. In the Alps
    3. International Roads
  5. Asia
    1. Across Siberia
    2. The Transcaspian Road
    3. Up and Down India
  6. Africa
  7. The Far East and Australia

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Author(s): Rupert Sargent Holland
Number of Pages: 343
Publication Date: 1927
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