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How to Run a Railroad: Everything You Need to Know About Model Trains 4

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How to Run a Railroad: Everything You Need to Know About Model Trains
Author: Harvey Weiss
published by Thomas Y. Crowell Company
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

If you are just getting started in model railroading — if you are about to buy a set of trains or already own the trains but don’t know what to do with them — this is the book for you. In a lively comprehensive text and with scores of handsome photographs, Harvey Weiss describes everything you must know to set up the trains and get them running and to build a layout for them that will exactly suit your tastes.

Opening with chapters on the different kinds of trains — O gauge, HO gauge, and N gauge — and where to buy them, Mr. Weiss explains in detail how to make a train table and attach the tracks to it, the various ways of laying out the tracks, the basic electrical facts needed to start the trains and to handle breakdowns, and how to make inexpensively trees, ponds, grass, stationhouses, bridges, water tanks, and derricks — all the parts for an inspired and realistic model railroad world.

Describing step-by-step his own experiences with the model railroad he built — telling of the mistakes as well as the successes and some of the more ambitious and zany possibilities he explored — Harvey Weiss has written an imaginative and truly useful introduction to one of the most popular and enduring hobbies of all time.

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Product Type: Book > Hardcover Book
Author(s): Harvey Weiss
Number of Pages: 128
Publication Date: 1977
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