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Intermountain Railroads: Standard and Narrow Gauge 4

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Intermountain Railroads: Standard and Narrow Gauge
Author: Merrill D. Beal 1962
published by The Caxton Printers, Ltd.
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

  1. Organizing The Utah Northern Railroad Company
  2. Building the Utah Northern from Ogden to Franklin
  3. The Reorganization of the Utah Northern Railroad Company
  4. The Utah & Northern Crosses Idaho
  5. Building the Montana Link
  6. The Utah & Northern in Operation
  7. The Utah & Northern Stimulates Idaho Settlement
  8. Idaho Railroad Mergers and Rights-of-Way
  9. The Oregon Short Line Reaches Pocatello
  10. Building the Oregon Short Line from Pocatello to Oregon
  11. Building Branch Lines for the Union Pacific Railroad
  12. Union Pacific Operations in Idaho
  13. Railroads in North Idaho

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Product Type: Book > Hardcover Book
Author(s): Merrill D. Beal
Number of Pages: 252
Publication Date: 1962
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