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Mansions on Rails 4

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Mansions on Rails
Author: Lucius Beebe
published by Howell-North
First Edition 1959
Hardcover with Dust Jacket
6 full color reproductions, 380 page pages with over 350 rare photographs and illustrations

Mansions On Rails is a professionally written, comprehensive study of a matter in which no bibliography of any sort now exists, an aspect of American social an economic history hitherto undocumented. It is the record of the costly and often beautiful artifact that must rank with the throughbraced Concord stagecoach and the palatial Mississippi river packet.

The felicitous phrases of Lucius Beebe accurately describe the “looped, fringed, frizzled and formed” interiors and use them as settings for tales of some of the most colorful characters in our history. These moguls of an age uninhibited by reticence rode in panoplied splendor and visible exclusiveness upon their personal or business occasions at a time when the difference between a private car and a business car was largely academic.

Glorious illustrations in full color and in black an white are by Howard Fogg and E. S. Hammack, the ranking railroad artists of the generation. Superb photographs, builders’ plans, train sheets and contemporary newspaper accounts are expertly reproduced and complement the ample text.

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Author(s): Lucius Beebe
Number of Pages: 382
Publication Date: 1959
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