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Model Railroading 4

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Model Railroading
Author: David Allen Herzog
published by Cornerstone Library

Model railroading as a pastime for serious hobbyists entices thousands of new adherents each year. Recommended by psycologists as an ideal escape from “work-itis,” more and more business executives, professionals and just plain folks are embracing the hobby for relaxation, enjoyment, and even investment purposes. Why today, the Lionel Blue Comet which cost only $7.00 when it came out in 1934 is fetching a respectable $2,300.00 on the open market. AT&T, eat your heart out!

This unique volume appeals to novice and expert model engineer alike. It contains hundreds of tips for the person just about to enter the hobby and is packed with information an illustrations on the state of the art. Careful attention is paid to the limitations of space and finances that must be foremost in the minds of all but the most fortunate hobbyist. Here is a comprehensive and entertaining handbook that no model railroader, active or aspiring, should be without.

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Product Type: Book > Softcover Book
Author(s): David Allen Herzog
Number of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 1978
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