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Model Railroads 4

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Model Railroads
Author: Brian Hollingsworth
published by Galahad Books
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

More than 200 year ago the first model steam locomotive was set in motion — this event occured more than 20 years before the first full-sized locomotive began to operate. Since that time, model and miniature railroads and locomotives have increased in number, sizes and types, and ejoy ever-increasing popularity. Whatever his particular interest, the model-railroad enthusiast will find something of interest in this volume, whether he is interested in the history of model railroads, layouts, the operation of a complete system or methods of construction. Among the subjects covered are the origins of railroad modelling, firms which have played and still play such an important part in the hobby, the question of gauge and scale, layout and track, signals, track-side buildings and landscape, outdoor operations — the secret of working verisimilitude.

Brian Hollingsworth analyses the whole range of models and miniatures from the smallest (1/220th full size) where the locomotive weighs less than one ounce, to the largest (half full size) where the locomotive weighs several tons. It is the aim of Model Railroads to describe in as detail as possible the current state of the art. Lavishly illustrated throughout, Model Rairloads should appeal to modelers of all ages at all levels of expertise.

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Author(s): Brian Hollingsworth
Number of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 1981
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