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North American Railways 4

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North American Railways
Authors: Hollingsworth and Whitehouse
published by Bison Books
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

The story of the railways in North America is also a history of the development of two great nations: the United States and Canada. The coming of the railroad made the rapid expansion and growth of the two countries possible in the 19th century, and today railroads form a vital network across the continent. By the 1930s railways reached their pinnacle of development: some 15,000 passenger trains departed each day. By the time Amtrak was established in 1971, many famous names like the Super Chief, the Twentieth Century Limited and the California Zephyr had disappeared, perhaps forever.

Hundreds of superb illustrations help to depict the story of the world’s most important railway systems, including the Burlington, Great Northern, Union Pacific, Penn Central, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railroads. Photographs of the first steam engines, camel-backs, narrow-gauge railroads, name trains, electrified railways, turbines, diesels, subways, metroliners and turbos appear in this volume.This book is a collector’s item for all lovers of the romance of the railroad.

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Author(s): J. B. Hollingsworth and P. B. Whitehouse
Number of Pages: 190
Publication Date: 1977
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