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Pioneer Railroad 4

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Pioneer Railroad: The Story of the Chicago and North Western System
Authors: Casey and Douglas
published by Whittlesey House (a division of McGraw-Hill Book Company) First Edition
Hardcover with No Dust Jacket

  1. The Gentleman from Delaware County
  2. Charles Butler’s Proposal
  3. Go West, Young Man
  4. His Honor the Mayor
  5. Galena — Prairie Capital
  6. The Birth of a Railroad
  7. The Pioneer
  8. North Western Dream
  9. Laying the Foundation
  10. Territory in Need of a Railroad
  11. Twin Cities in the Wilderness
  12. The Rails Come to Minnesota
  13. Civil War
  14. Consolidation
  15. Ogden Retires
  16. Marvin Hughitt
  17. Rural Opposition
  18. The Omaha Climbs Aboard
  19. Empty Horizons
  20. Advance on the Dakotas
  21. The Great Capital Fight
  22. Picnics and Excursions
  23. Luxurious Travel
  24. “Ah, Noble Kate Shelley”
  25. The Great Blizzard
  26. Casey at the Throttle
  27. Entrance to the New Century
  28. Yesterday’s Frontier
  29. Again a Farmer’s Railroad
  30. Tourists, Sculpture, and Cattle
  31. Progress — and Setback
  32. Trusteeship and Reorganization
  33. “Bud” Williams Takes Over
  34. Notes on a Southpaw Railroad
  35. Locals and Streamliners
  36. The First Hundred Years Are the Hardest

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Author(s): Robert J. Casey and W. A. S. Douglas
Number of Pages: 334
Publication Date: 1948
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