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Stations West, The Story of the Oregon Railways 4

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Stations West, The Story of the Oregon Railways
Author: Edwin D. Culp
Published by: Bonanza Books
USED Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Description from dust jacket:

Most of us have felt the fascination of seeing a steam locomotive with smoke drifting back over the line of cars it pulled, as the whole train wound throught tall Western mountains. Whether we have actually experienced it or not, and many have, we know such a thing existed and that it is now part of a past that we can’t touch again. But in Stations West, Edwin Culp comes close. With four hundred eighty photographs, carefully collected over a period of more than twenty years, he presents an exciting graphic history of Oregon railways from their beginnings to the present. Following the tracks as they were laid, from the Willamette Valley to the Oregon desert, he illustrates, in all its many facets, a heritage which has passed.

The growth of railroads paralleled the development of Oregon, for they tied all areas of the state together as no other means could. The presence or absence of a rail line could and did mean prominence or obscurity for a town. A community such as Jacksonville, in southern Oregon, thrived until the railroad passed it by and brought neighboring Medford to the fore instead. The author traces the changes that occurred as a result of the railroads in these and other places. He also portrays the colorful and vigorous railroad tycoons — men such as Ben Holladay, Henry Villard, and the Big Four from California — who were very important people indeed in their day. Their decisions could and did mold the face of Oregon and th fate of its people.

The station of yesterday was the showcase of the community, with its Victorian gingerbread hanging from the eaves, and the local agent, with his traditional green visor, black arm bands, and indispensable watch, diligently preparing the sometimes complex tickets. The arrival of a train was an exciting event to pioneer Oregonians, and all who had the time went to the station to see who was coming and who going. Though this glory is gone now, the author recaptures the romantic aura of the iron rails in this fascinating and comprehensive pictorial history. All aboard for Stations West!

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Author(s): Edwin D. Culp
Number of Pages: 265
Publication Date: 1978
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