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The Bassett-Lowke Story 4

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The Bassett-Lowke Story
Author: Roland Fuller 1984
published by New Cavendish Books
Rare Hardcover with Dust Jacket
over 800 illustrations

Wenman Joseph Bassett-Lowke founded his firm in 1899 and issued his first catalogue for the 1900-01 season. IN 1910 the firm was incorporated into a limited company and both before and after that time was extremely influential on modelling and model engineering throughout the world. Although more popularly known for model railway equipement, the company has been involved in endless modelling projects: ships, aeroplanes, industrial plants, architectural models and secret military work for the admiralty and the army in two world wars.

Roland Fuller’s knowledge and recollections have been supplemented by that well known model railway personality Dudley Dimmock, whose frank recollections of his employment with Bassett-Lowke during the difficult final years of the company’s retailing activities, give the reader a unique insight into the attitudes and methods of this remarkable company.

The book also includes for the first time comprehensive tables compiled by Ted Leech relating to virtually all the model railway production both home and imported.

Roland Fuller was the last surviving member of the Bassett-Lowke team and was intimately involved in the running of the Company during its golden years. Although he did not join the company until 1949 he was in a fortunate position to know the personalities who guided the firm over its first glorious years from 1899. Richar Fuller rose literally from the bottom of the firm to become general manager shortly after the second world war. After the death of W. J. Bassett-Lowke in 1953 he became managing director. Despite the end of the immortal Bassett-Lowke shops in the 1960s and the virtual demise of model train production in the early 1970s such was the company’s reputation that its industrial model business and exhibition ship model production was still very much in demand and Roland Fuller advised the company virtually until the end of his life. Fortunately Roland Fuller’s recollections were recorded in great detail, but sadly he died shortly after completion of the manuscript, aged 77 on 17 January 1981.

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Author(s): Roland Fuller
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Publication Date: 1984
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