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The Complete Book of Model Railroading by David Sutton 4

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The Complete Book of Model Railroading
Author: David Sutton
published by Castle Books
Hardcover with Dust Jacket February 1977 printing

Every model railroad fan — both beginner and seasoned veteran will find this big book a rcihly rewarding guide, a treasure chest filled to the brim with practical ideas and know-how, steeped in the finest traditions of railroading lore and Americana.

It describes all major phases of model railroading in detail and represents the most complete, up-to-date guide yet published in the model reailroading field.

More than 600 original photographs, taken by the author, a professional photographer, plus dozens of charts, wiring diagrams and suggested layouts of pikes, illustrate the text.

Sutton not onlyh discusses the latest refinements — such as expertly detailed locomotives, transistorized throttles, ASTRAC (a new concept for radio-frequency control) — but also the basic concepts of model railroading itself.

He describes the different types of equipment available; how to build your own models; how to further authenticate the appearance of your locomotive through the addition of details; the whys and wherefores of maintenance to keep them running in top condition; and the secrets of painting and aging techniques to give your model a more prototype look.

The book covers the planning of a model railroad, from layout design and track plans, to scenery and mountain building, special effects and type of equipment to use.

Rolling stock and the great variety of cars which can be put into use in your model empire are discussed in a wealth of detail. Basic wiring techniques are thoroughly illustrated to help you eliminate unnecessary complication and avoid a tangle of wires beneath your layout. The author also describes the great pleasure and advantage in running trains in prototype fashion.

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Author(s): David Sutton
Number of Pages: 341
Publication Date: 1964
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