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The Complete Book of Model Railroading by Louis Hertz 4

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The Complete Book of Model Railroading
Author: Louis H. Herz
published by Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation
first edition third printing March 1957
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

This is the first book to cover completely and authoritatively all aspects of model railroading — tinplate and scale, layout planning an construction, building of equipment, control and wiring, signals, scenery, operation, the history of the hobby, trolley and live steam models, and much more.

Not just a book about model railroading, this is a truly practical work designed to serve as a complete guide to the creation of a model railroad system of any size or type — from the very simplest and least expensive equipment to the most elaborate set-up imaginable. Its wealth of new ideas and suggestions make this book invaluable for the experienced model railroader. As a complete reference work containing an exceptional quantity of authentic technical data, the book will be referred to again and again.

Beginners will find the book a perfect anwser to the problem of how to get started in the hobby. Mr. Hertz gives a fascinating over-all review of the subject and describes the various specialties that so many have found pleasure in following.

Measured in words, this is the biggest book ever written on the subject of model railroading. Its many illustrations are unsurepassed in pictorial quality and authentic detail. The author, Louis H. Hertz, is generally acknowledged to be without peer as a model railroading authority.

In addition to these important features, the book is unique in its tremendous scope. Mr. Hertz has spared no pains to bring together every pertinent fact on every conceivable aspect of the model railroading hobby. The result is a masterpiece of practical information, essential to the beginner, invaluable to the experienced fan — a volume that has become a classic in its field.

Whether your status as a model railroader is that of a fledgling or a life-long veteran, you will find this book the magic key to new enjoyment of the hobby.

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Author(s): Louis H. Hertz
Number of Pages: 335
Publication Date: 1951
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