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The Georgian Locomotive 4

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The Georgian Locomotive
Author: H. Stafford Bryant Jr.
published by Weathervane Books
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

This book attempts to chronicle informally the special series of steamer which, by its atmosphere and patina, seems so justly “The Georgian Locomotive.” It illustrates some of the most characteristic specimens — from Northern Virginia to West Texas. It will attempt to put the locomotive in the larger context of the taste of its time. And it tells, if incidentally, of a happy time when steam was still god in American roads and railroading seemed a secure and impregnable business.

The locomotives of the nineteen twenties and thirties in the Southern and Southeastern states were imposing and good to look at. They gave the railroads they belonged to color, an air of panache and a rather formidable sense of high quality. The brought new grace to the old cities of the Southern region, and excitement and a glimpse of the outside world to many an isolated hamlet. They lived until streamlining and the taste for “thirties modern” began to modify some of them. And until the diesel locomotive brought them to an end.

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Author(s): H. Stafford Bryant, Jr.
Number of Pages: 89
Publication Date: 1962
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