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The Modern Wonder Book of Trains and Railroading 4

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The Modern Wonder Book of Trains and Railroading
Author: Carlisle
published by The John C. Winston Company
first edition Hardcover with No Dust Jacket

  1. Railroading Begins
  2. Rails West
  3. Famous Rides and Speed Records
  4. Heroes of the Rails
  5. Steel Trails
  6. Over and Under
  7. The Iron Horse
  8. Streamlined Power
  9. Live Rails
  10. Hold That Train!
  11. Signposts of the Rails
  12. Voices of the Rails
  13. Rolling Cargo
  14. The End of the Run
  15. Science Rides the Rails
  16. The Railroad Goes to War
  17. Timber Trains
  18. High Iron
  19. Strange Trains and Railroads
  20. The Language of the Rails
  21. Model Railroading — Your Hobby

Made In: United States

Product Condition: Used

Product Type: Book > Hardcover Book
Author(s): Norman Carlisle
Number of Pages: 289
Publication Date: 1946
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