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The Pictorial History of Electric Locomotives 4

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The Pictorial History of Electric Locomotives
Author: F. J. G. Haut
published by A. S. Barnes and Company
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

The early development of the electric locomotive was in a manner entirely different from that of the steam locomotive it replaced. The invention of the steam locomotive coincided with the Industrial Revolution. On the other hand, the first electric locomotives generally were either manufactured by firms already promoting electric machinery and seeking new markets for their products, or else they were produced specifically for lines on which steam traction was impractical, such as on mountain lines, underground railways, or in urban transport.

It was only after considerable hostility that the electric locomotive came to be considered as a viable alternative to the steam engine. In fact, the first electrifications were limited to small-scale operations, and it took a world war and the resulting coal shortages to convince many countries that it was indeed cleaner and cheaper to use the new electric machinery.

Mr. Haut's book is comprehensive in scope, specific in detail. He traces the development of the electric locomotive from the late 19th century and then shows the various attempts that were made to use electricity where steam had failed. After the beginning of the 20th century, the ever-growing competition of other transport finally persuaded the railroads that electrification of their main lines — and total electrification in small countries — would modernize the railroads and enable them to compete successfully with the automobile and the airplane.

In addition to his concise text, Mr. Haut has included many drawings, black and white illustrations, and color plates. He describes in detail the many varieties of electric locomotive that have been used during the years since its inception, and he concludes with a review of the technical components of an electric locomotive and a world-wide catalogue of electrification schemes.

Because of its wealth of technical information, this book is certain to be of tremendous interest to electrical and mechanical engineers. And, in addition to its importance as a technical reference, it will be of interest to railway historians as well.

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Author(s): F. J. G. Haut
Number of Pages: 147
Publication Date: 1970
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