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The Railway Journey: Trains and Travel in the 19th Century 4

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The Railway Journey: Trains and Travel in the 19th Century
Author: Wolfgang Schivelbusch
published by Urizen Books
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

The Railway Journey allows us to re-experience the “future shock” which the 19th century was subjected to with the introduction of the first “high speed” vehicle, the railroad.

Technological advances which appreciably alter man's environment generally presage changes in man himself. The impact of atomic fission, mass communications and air travel have, in our own age, shaped a “modern” man whose world-view radically differs from that of his grandfather.

The beginning of the 19th century saw a great technological leap which, perhaps, more markedly than the airplane, changed man's relationship to his environment. Railroads both in Europe and the United States began to traverse the countryside. Man began to “speed” through his environment at 40 miles per hour. Travelers feared for their lives; not only were the rails at first unsafe, but the privacy of the passenger cars was suspect. Over four years, three on-train murders brought European travelers to the brink of hysteria. The very terrain over which the trains passed was altered; a fact which resulted, in turn, in changes in people's lives and habits. Gradually the railroad emerged in its present form and, as gradually, man learned to recognize the subtle changes in his perception of time and space which occurred as a result.

In this carefully researched and entertaining book, Wolfgang Schivelbusch details the changes in man's behavior and attitudes occasioned by the advent of railroads in the early 19th century. Few of the many illustrations which accompany the text have previously appeared in print.

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Author(s): Wolfgang Schivelbusch
Number of Pages: 213
Publication Date: 1980
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