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The Romance of the Rails 4

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The Romance of the Rails
Author: Agnes C. Laut
published by Tudor Publishing Company
Second Edition 1936
Hardcover with No Dust Jacket

    Part I: Hitching the Kettle to Steam Power
  1. “Polly Put the Kettle On” 1786-1804
  2. When Did “Polly Put the Kettle On” 1804-1831
  3. The Mill that Walked on the Water 1800-1830
  4. “Fulton's Folly” — “The Sawmill on Fire” 1804-1830
    Part II: The Lure of the West
  5. “The Most Expensive Gutters in the World” 1800-1830
  6. Tom Thumb Races the Gray Mare for the West 1828-1848
  7. Boston Steps with Dignity into the Rail Arena 1830-1850
  8. How New York Lagged and How Order Came Out of Chaos 1826-1830
    Part III: The West Moves from the Lakes to the Prairies
  9. The Arabesque of a Magic Carpet 1826-1850
  10. Old Ironsides Becomes a Winged Steed 1826-1850
  11. The Twins Have Double Convulsions 1837-1839
  12. Way Down South 1830-1850
  13. The Surging West 1830-1860
    Part IV: The Land Grant Era
  14. The Land Grant 1830-1860
  15. Inventions and Devices in Progress 1828-1860
  16. The Wheel on Steel in the Middle West 1840-1870
    Part V: The Vulture Era Begins
  17. The Triumph of the Erie 1850-1860
  18. A New Type of Rail Man Come to the Erie 1850-1880
  19. Enter Jay Gould and Cornelius Vanderbilt 1858-1873
    Part VI: The Forward March to the West
  20. How the Civil War Kicked Rail Progress Forward Too Fast for Its Own Good 1860-1873
  21. The Man on the Job for the Union Pacific 1860-1873
  22. Getting Across the Sierras and the Big Four of the Central and Southern Pacific 1860-1900
  23. Mutterings and Rumblings of the Coming Storm 1860-1873
  24. Along the Old Santa Fe Trail 1820-1893
  25. The Crash of '73 and the Northern Pacific 1856-1880
  26. James J. Hill and the Great Northern 1873-1913
  27. When Hill and Harriman Collided 1848-1907
    Part VII: Modern Bucaneers in a Later Era
  28. Legal Rascality, Loaded Dice, Light-Fingered Finance, and Modern Bucaneers, How the Interstate Commerce Commission Came Into Being 1888-1914
  29. More of Modern Buccaneering 1900-1923
  30. Last Thoughts

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Author(s): Agnes C. Laut
Number of Pages: 590
Publication Date: October 1936
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