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The Streamline Era 4

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The Streamline Era
Author: Robert Reed
published by Golden West Books
second printing Hardcover with Dust Jacket
with more than 500 illustrations, four color plates, complete list of streamliners 1933-1942, bibliography and index

The Streamline Era presents the complete streamline story as it relates to transportation. Streamlining was first applied technologically to the design of machines in motion — trains and locomotives, airplanes, automobiles and ships — where swift movement was significant. The term was based on the scientific fact that smooth surfaces with unbroken corners offered the least resistance to air currents; hence, the idea of stream-lined, assuring the greatest potential for power and speed.

This book describes every aspect of streamlining from the sweeping popularity of Art Deco, based on the style of the Bauhaus School of design, to the influence of industrial designers such as cret, dreyfus, Bel Geddes, Kuhler, and Loewy. Even several precursory experiments in the streamlining of trains dating back to 1832 are covered. Full chapters are devoted to streamlining of trains around the world, the streamlining of airplanes, and the development of the streamlined automobile.

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Author(s): Robert C. Reed
Number of Pages: 298
Publication Date: September 1978
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