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The Wonder Book of Railways 4

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The Wonder Book of Railways
Edited by Harry Golding
published by Ward, Lock & Co., Limited
Hardcover with No Dust Jacket
14th Edition with 12 color plates and nearly 300 illustrations
Title page shows that this was given as a Christmas present in 1932.

  1. What Makes the Engine Go?
  2. The Railway “Big Six”
    1. The London Midland and Scottish Railway
    2. The London and North Eastern Railway
    3. The Great Western Railway
    4. The Southern Railway
    5. The “Underground”
    6. The Great Southern Railways (Ireland)
    7. Other Railways
  3. Express Passenger Engines
  4. Passenger Tank Engines
  5. The First Locomotives
  6. The First Railways
  7. Famous Expresses of all Countries
  8. Railway Head Codes
  9. A Chat with the Engine-Driver
  10. Twice Round the Clock
  11. Early Days
  12. The Station-Master
  13. Signals and Signalling — I
  14. Signals and Signalling — II
  15. Railway Carriages, Old and New
  16. The Signalman and His Duties
  17. Locmotives of All Countries
  18. The Busy Booking-Clerk
  19. Goods and Mineral Locomotives
  20. Mountain Railways
  21. The Tube Railways of London
  22. Monsters of the Rail
  23. A Talk with the Guard
  24. The Largest Railway Stations in the World
  25. Locomotives of the Empire
  26. Porters — and Porters
  27. The Tale of a Letter
  28. Electric Railways
  29. Some Wonderful Railway Bridges
  30. The Cape to Cairo by Rail
  31. Railways Queer and Quaint
  32. The World's Longest Electrifies Railway
  33. Mr. Brown, the Signalman
  34. A Run to Scotland

Made In: United Kingdom

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Product Type: Book > Hardcover Book
Author(s): Harry Golding
Number of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 1932 or earlier
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