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Tickets Please: All About California Railroads 4

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“Tickets, Please” All About California Railroads
Author: Dolan Eargle Jr.
Published by The San Francisco Examiner Division of The Hearst Corporation
USED First Edition Softcover

Come along for the ride and the most action-packed and informative book ever written about the railroads of California.

For History, take a ride past such stations as:

  • Establishment and Rampant Growth
  • Rise of the Transcontinentals/Expansion
  • Curbing the Giants
  • The Rise and Demise of Several Short Lines
  • Expansion and Decline of Public Transit
  • The Depression and the Internal Combustion Engine
  • The Diesel and the Airplane
  • After the Days of Steam

For a look at California Railroads Today, stop off:

  • In Northern, Central, and Southern California — including stops at Monorails/Miniatures/Operating Freight Roads and Their Shops and Yards/Regional Commercial Freight and Transit Lines/Short Lines/Government Railroads/Railroadiana/Museums/Clubs/Restaurants/Bookstores/Retired Steamers/Model Shops and Models of Early Railroads.
  • On the Virginia & Truckee, Cable Cars, Amtrak, Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad, the Calcutta & Odessa, the Griffith Park & Southern and many more.
  • And go to railroad parks, zoos, the great amusement centers and public parks up and down the state where the fun and thrill of railroads still live.

Don’t forget to check the special subject and place name index before you go for the schedules, locations, and fares — it’s all here!

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Product Type: Book > Softcover Book
Author(s): Dolan Eargle, Jr.
Number of Pages: 157
Publication Date: 1979
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