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Trolleys to the Surf: The Story of the Los Angeles Pacific Railway 4

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Trolleys to the Surf: The Story of the Los Angeles Pacific Railway
Authors: Myers and Swett
published by Interurbans Publications Inc.
First Edition 1976
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Of the original electric railway lines which became a part of the great Pacific Electric Railway system, one of the most interesting — and undoubtedly the most important — was the Los Angeles Pacific. When the LAP became Pacific Electric's Western District in 1911, it could almost be asserted that the LAP took over the PE instead of the other way around, for surviving officers of the new PE were predominately LAP men.

This book attempts to outline the history of not only the LAP itself but of the territory it served. This is only natural, for the LAP and its country were indivisible, one depended upon the other, a situation which did not change until the automobile age when the rail transportation arteries which opened the country in the first place began to wither away, leaving a fully settled megalopolis to face the stresses and challenges of a far more complex age.

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Author(s): William A. Myers and Ira L. Swett
Number of Pages: 208
Publication Date: Spring 1976
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