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World Atlas of Railways 4

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World Atlas of Railways
Author: O.S. Nock
published by Mayflower Books
First American Printing 1979
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

This book contains over 200 full color original illustrations, 40 pages of Atlas maps and over 300 photographs. It is a survey in seven saections of railways as one of the greatest influences on man and his 20th century world.

Rail development from 1700-1980s
The evolution of rail networks from the Stockton & Darlington to the present worldwide system
Progress of motive power from the horse to high-speed trains
The use of railways for passenger and freight transportation with the respective economic advantages
Innovations in rolling stock, engineering, track and architecture

Survey of today's highly complex systems
Modern motive power, diesel and electric and the future possibilities
The permanent way, construction and maintenance
Signaling, traffic control, passenger movement, and scheduling
The complexities of freight handling

Great Routes
Alpine, Trans-European, London-Glasgow, Paris-Lyon, Trans-Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America and the Andes

Great Expresses
The Orient Express, Irish Mail, Settebello, Aquitaine, Chief, Blue Train, Canadian, and Rajdhani

Forty pages of unique Atlas maps showing clearly the major and secondary routes throughout the world

World Rail Systems
A country by country survey of railway data giving profiles of all countries with railway systems. Including sketch-maps indicating centers of commercial railway importance

Rail chronology, Who's Who, Glossary and Bibliography

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Author(s): O. S. Nock
Number of Pages: 224
Publication Date: 1979
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