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The McCloud River Railroads

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The McCloud River Railroads
  • From the 19th Century to Date, there has been a railroad serving the McCloud River area around Mt. Shasta, California, originally to support the lumbering of the McCloud River Lumber Company. This book provides a history of that railroad under its various owner, and of the equipment and operations. The most recent version was a tourist-oriented railroad, though most trackage was abandoned after 2009. Vestiges of the railroad remains in 2016.
  • The original McCloud lumber company, sibling to the McCloud River Railroad, was sold to United States Plywood in 1963, leading to numerous changes in lumbering practice and in the railroad. In 1977, the leasing company Itel purchased the railroad, in part as a vehicle for operating Incentive Per Diem box cars, and in part to gain use of the fine railroad shop at McCloud. In 1992, the Forbis family purchased the railroad, renamed it the McCloud Railway, and continued to serve on-line industries as well as initiating the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train operation, well patronized for a number of years and operated occasionally behind restored McCloud steam power.
  • This fine volume of history, enriched with 385 photographs, most never before published, and 41 maps and drawings, along with detailed equipment histories and summaries of freight services, is the most complete account of the history, construction and operation of the McCloud railroads ever published. It will be enjoyed by railroad enthusiasts everywhere.

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McCloud River Railroad Company
McCloud River Railroad Company

Author(s): Jeff Moore