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UTA Front Runner MPI MP36PH #7

Product Manufacturer: Kato
Brand: Kobo Custom
Manufacturer Model: 176-6126-KB7
Store Item Number: KAT176-6126-KB7
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UTA Front Runner MPI MP36PH #7

  • Designed to operate pulling Nippon Sharyo Gallery Bi-Level Cars
  • The MP36PH locomotive uses a sophisticated lightpiping and LED system to give it directional headlight and taillight functions across all six of its nose lights, as well as illuminated pre-printed numberboards for push/pull operation.
  • Locomotive's heavy duty five-pole motor and mechanism designed to pull a 10 car bi-level consist up a 4% grade without the need for a traction tire.
  • Drop in DCC compatible with the Train Control Systems K4D6.

Made In: Japan

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > Locomotive > Diesel Locomotive > Motive Power Industries > MP36PH
Scale: N
Assembly: fully assembled