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Brilliantly Old Fashioned: The Story Of Ace 0 Gauge Trains 4

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Brilliantly Old Fashioned: The Story Of Ace 0 Gauge Trains

The story of ACE Trains is as much the story of the result of a chance meeting between two eccentrics as a carefully coordinated plan to resurrect a moribund market in ready to run Gauge 0 electric trains. In ten years via many twists and turns and some bad fortune ACE Trains has become a byword for ready to run gauge 0 locomotives and rolling stock of the highest imagination and quality. While echoing the style of their illustrious forebears they have produced a range of equipment which the majority of enthusiasts thought would never be seen again.

From the first offering of a 4-4-4 Tank Locomotive based on the 1920’s Hornby design through over 100 original designs of their own ACE dominates a niche but rapidly growing market. The story told by one of the co-founders details all the relevant stages of this utterly unique little company. If ever the term “small is beautiful” was relevant it is underlined here in this fully illustrated book.

Fully illustrated with over 200 photos and drawings, the majority in color, plus a full listing of all ACE manufactured items, this is a story of carrying an idea beyond the notion of “if only”. A book for all followers of model railways whatever gauge and/or scale.

Made In: China

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Product Type: Book > Hardcover Book
Author(s): Allen Levy
Number of Pages: 136
Publication Date: 2006
Age Group: adult
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