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Burlington Route: A History Of The Burlington Lines 4

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Burlington Route: A History Of The Burlington Lines

During the fifteen years that this classic railroad history was in preparation, Richard C. Overton was granted unrestricted access to the Burlington’s archives for its first century, 1849-1949. An Epilogue based on public sources brings the story down to 1965, by which time negotiations were in progress that culminated with the merger, in 1970, of the Burlington, the Great Northern, and the Northern Pacific into the Burlington Northern.

Although Burlington Route is intended primarily for teh general reader, the author has supplied copious information and commentary that will be of special interest to business and railroad historians, economists, regional historians, railway executives, and students of entrepreneurship, government regulation, labors relations, and financing. He has discussed where the railroad was built, and why; how it was paid for; how it carried greatly increased loads during three wars; how it expanded; how it colonized its territory; how it competed with other railroads; how it organized its administration. Partly because the Burlington always has bee guided by a group of men rather than by a single individual, Burlington Route has been written largely from the vantage points of these decision-makers. It is a highly colorful record of strong-willed and ingenious leaders as well as the story of a business fascinating for itself.

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Publication Date: 1976
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