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The Life and Decline of the American Railroad 4

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The Life and Decline of the American Railroad
published by Oxford University Press, Inc.
hardcover with dust jacket

Concise history of the American railroad industry focusing especially on the growth and then sharp decline of passenger service. Illustrated with black and white photos. In this decade of lunar landings more than a few may find it strange to return to the reign of the railroad and its freewheeling deposition by technology. Professor Stover offers a sober and sometimes nostalgic eulogy for the American railroad as the eroded cornerstone of an entire lifestyle. His history of the locomotive is a comprehensive, fact-laden retelling of America's energetic era of national expansion and self-improvement. Nineteenth century America relied on railroads for the settlement of the trans-Mississippi frontier, the reconstruction of the post-Civil War South and the foundation of a complex industrial nation. It was a time when the whistle stop, the "midnight special" and the small-town depot were not catchwords for a bygone era, but a vital and respected reality. 1916 marked the record high mileage for railroads and after that, automobiles, airplanes, buses and trucks quickly superseded the glories of the Pullman Palace Car Co. With an impressive freight of research that only occasionally clogs the machinery, Professor Stover promotes a remote interest into popular perspective.

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Author(s): John F. Stover
Number of Pages: 324
Publication Date: 1970
Age Group: adult
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